Note technology rapidly evolves and this tutorial is over 3 years old, as a result some of the practices used in this tutorial may be out of date.

Grunge Yellow Warning Striped Icon & Text Effect

Here we’re going to create an industrial grunge warning stripe text effect based on the style of the Free Yellow Black Striped Grunge Construction Icon set found on IconsETC.


Step #1

First you will need to download the striped pattern below and convert it into a photoshop pattern for later. To do this simply open each image then go to EDIT >> DEFINE PATTERN in the menu. Alternatively, if you’ve downloaded the source files at the end of this post, simply install the (.pat) pattern set by double clicking on it.)

Click here to download all tutorial assets in zip file.

Step #2

Create a new transparent document 658px * 474px at 72dpi as seen below.



Activate the shape tool by typeing U make sure the rectangular shape is selected and that the color is set to #414141, then draw a rectangle similar to the one below leaving a few pixels on all sides. Name the rectangular shape layer “Frame Bottom”.



Duplicate the rectangle shape layer you just created by going to LAYER >> DUPLICATE LAYER and name the duplicate “Frame Top”. Activate the layer styles pallet on “Frame Top” layer by going to LAYER >> LAYER STYLE >> BLENDING OPTIONS in the menu and enter the settings you see below.

top-frame top-frame-2 top-frame-3 top-frame-4 top-frame-5 top-frame-6


Activate the layer styles dialog box on the “Frame Bottom” layer now and enter the settings you see below.

bottom-frame bottom-frame-2 bottom-frame-3


In between the two frame layers now create a group by going to LAYER >> NEW >> GROUP in the menu and name it “Content”. Then within that group create a new color fill layer by going to LAYER >> NEW FILL LAYER >> COLOR in the menu with the color #414141 as seen below.



To create the stage area set the foreground color to #202020 then with the rectangular shape tool still selected draw a rectangle similar to the one below.



Activate the layer styles on the rectangular layer you just created and enter the settings you see below.

stage-layer-styles stage-layer-styles-2 stage-layer-styles-3 stage-layer-styles-4 stage-layer-styles-5


Create a new Brightness/Contrast layer by going to LAYER >> NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER >> BRIGHTNESS/CONTRAST in the menu and adjust the settings to your liking or use the ones below.


STEP #10

To add a spotlight effect create a new gradient fill layer by going to LAYER >> NEW FILL LAYER >> GRADIENT in the menu and enter settings like the ones below.


STEP #11

Activate the text tool by typeing T and using Arial Black at 300pt type in some text as seen below.


STEP #12

Duplicate the text layer you just created by going to LAYER >> DUPLICATE LAYER . Select the top text layer then activate the layer styles dialog box and apply the styles shown below.

picture-1 picture-2 picture-3 picture-4 picture-5 picture-6

STEP #13

Now Select the bottom text layer layer and apply the following layer styles:

warning-stripes-layer2-1 warning-stripes-layer2-2 warning-stripes-layer2-3 warning-stripes-layer2-4 warning-stripes-layer2-5 warning-stripes-layer2-6 warning-stripes-layer2-7 warning-stripes-layer2-8 warning-stripes-layer2-9

STEP #14

Duplicate both text layers then merge the resulting layers together by going to LAYERS >> MERGE LAYERS in the menu and name the merged layer “Reflection”. Now flip the reflection layer vertically by going to EDIT >> TRANSFORM >> FLIP VERTICAL in the menu. Then activate the move tool by typeing V and drag the reflection layer down until it lines up with the base of your text as seen below. Bring the layer opacity down to 35% as seen below.


STEP #15

Create a layer mask to the reflection layer [sniplet layer-mask]. Activate the gradient tool by typeing G, make sure the default black to white gradient is selected and that the gradient tool in in linear gradient mode, then drag the mouse as seen below to make the reflection fade out gently.


STEP #16

Above the Reflection layer create an new layer and name it “Shadow”. Then activate the brush tool by typeing B , selct a basic round brush with opacity 35% and size 20px then draw along the base of each letter as seen below.


STEP #17

To clean up the shadow use the motion blur filter by going to FILTER >> BLUR >> MOTION BLUR in the menu and enter the settings below.


STEP #18

Duplicate the entire “Content” folder by dragging it to the new layer icon as shown below. Then name the duplicate layer Backup and hide it by clicking the eyeball icon.


STEP #19

Merge the “Content” folder [sniplet merge-group] the right click on the merged layer and choose “Create Clipping Mask”.


Thats all!

You should now have something like what you see below.


What’s Included in the Download

  • Fully layered source PSD
  • .ASL file containing the layer styles for the text effect layers
  • .PAT file with any patterns needed for the tutorial – ready to install!
  • .JPG files of any patterns used
  • BONUS: 36 fully layered popular icons in this style.
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20 comments on “Grunge Yellow Warning Striped Icon & Text Effect

  1. Andre says:

    I love this tutorial, Very good job, but can you do a totorial on the picture ETC? With the mirror reflex and all that, Thx

    June 4, 2009 10:57 pm
    1. Pamela says:

      It’s a default photoshop pattern called “Waxed Crayon on Sketch Pad”. You can download the PSD for free above and take a closer look!

      August 26, 2009 12:18 am
  2. Shingo says:

    Thank you for this awesome tutorial Pamela! I find your use of Photoshop effects exceptional. Are you available for some work? If you have a website please share the URL with me… Thanks!

    October 5, 2011 7:34 pm

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